European Enhanced Terrain - PIPER SUPER CUB

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I have the EUROPEAN ENHANCED TERRAIN add-on, that comes with a nice little Piper Super Cub....

Unfortunately the message "Your Heading Indicator is incorrectly set, press D" pops up every time I change direction in this plane !!

This becomes really annoying so I've stopped using this little VFR flyer..

Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can prevent it ?

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

I also purchased Enhanced European Terrain (from Amazon) and noted the glitch in the Super Piper Cub.
Have emailed both Abacus and Contact-simulations reporting what to me is a fault and have been awaiting responses for 10+ days.
Don't hold much hope that Abacus will respond as also purchased Abacus FSRepaint in April and then discovered there is no support for the software and my emails have been unanswered.
In the unlikely event of a reply I will let you know.
Re the EET - I discovered that it had overridden some of my Scottish scenery from Scotflight Scenery and gave unreal representation of places I am familiar with. (So how much more Terrain have they cocked up???)Not much of a problem to change - I as I just re-intalled the ScotFlight stuff.
I think that my experience with Abacus will make me think twice about buying their products.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Beginning to think you're right DaveC..... I have noticed some terrain inconsistancies in the North East, with this package..

It's funny when I was in PC World, I was about to buy "FS Terrain" but it was £30 and EET was only £19 so I went for the cheaper option.. But since, all of the reviews for FS Terrain are really strong and it's pretty accurate... also, FS Terrain covers most of North America as well as Europe so it's a definite case of FALSE ECONOMY in buying EET !!

Very disappointing about the Super Cub error as well - you can't be reseting the Heading Indicator every time you make a turn - this is VFR flight at low altitude so there are lots of turns !!

Never mind - gonna have to get ScotFlight Scenery, do a lot of flying in Scotland, when flying GA craft... favourites are:-

Newcastle - Barra (In the King Air 350)
Glasgow - Aberdeen (In the Cessna Caravan)
Glasgow - Kirkwall (in the Cessna 182)

Also like landing in the Loch's in the Cessna Amphibian... Although I have quite a few Aircraft Add-ons Add-ons, they are ALL Airliners at the moment, so all my 'jaunting about' in Scotland is in the default GA crafts...

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Have noted that have FS Terrain available for £19.99 + postage - thought you might be interested - I'm tempted 🙄

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain


Hes got good aircraft to try!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Yip Dave - I got FS Terrain from Amazon for that price - the terrain in the UK is similar to the EET terrain (a bit better actually) but of course you get all the US terrain also !!

Great package - doesn't affect frame rates - would really recomment FS Terrain.

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