Landing a Cub in a crosswind

TomPPP Guest

Why do I have so much trouble landing the Piper Cub in a direct 8 mph crosswind (with rudder control activated)? I think I am using the correct technique but have wreaked a bunch of Cubs. Is a real Cub that hard to land in a crosswind? Thanks.

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PH Guest

What technique are you using? Crabbing? wing down? Not done much flying in the cub I will give it a go and let you know how I go on. If I don't get back my landing may have been my last!


I have been using the wind down, oposite rudder method but I can't seem to bape it go straight

PH Guest

Just tried it wind from the right light 8kts. Like you suggest I fly right wing down into wind center nose with rudder ie left rudder. No real problems. Do not try over controlling as this may be the problem. Get the wing down and slowly feed the rudder in as the wind decreases decrease the input smooth control. Keep trying that is what it's all about. Once you get it you will say "that was easy!" and you won't ever forget how to do it. Good luck

TomPPP Guest

Is there some way to adjust the sensitivity of the CH rudder pedels? Seems like mine are too sensitive and not very linear.

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