How to move the gate toward the plane?

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I noticed in the ad for FSX that the airport gate can be moved closer to the airplane door. Does anyone know how to move the gate? Let me know, please. I think it would be cool.

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Ctrl+j (jetway)

Ctrl+E (open doors)

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Perhaps move the Airplane towards the gate... after all if the mountain will not come to mohammed.... 😉

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

SHIFT-E is the doors, Not CTRL-E.

Make sure you have advanced animations turned on and you are properly lined up with the parking space.


Brin Brody Guest

As Flyboy92 said, Shift+E is the doors, rather than Ctrl+E. However true that Shift+E can be used control the doors, Ctrl+E also applies.

Both work, for whatever reason. 🙂

Timmy De Guest

If you're far from the gate and move up then press ctrl+ J to send it back and then ctrl + J again the jet way will realign until its flush with the main exit.
Thanks guys!

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That's a great question, and I'm happy to help you with that. In Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX), moving the jetway (the technical term for the gate) to connect with your aircraft is quite simple. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you out:

  1. Slew Mode: First, ensure that your aircraft is correctly positioned at the gate with the parking brake set. This can be achieved using Slew Mode (activated by pressing the 'Y' key) to move your aircraft to the desired parking position.

  2. Gate/Jetway Control: Once your aircraft is parked, press Shift+E+2 on your keyboard to request the jetway to move towards the aircraft and connect with it. Note that the '+2' means you'll be holding the '2' key while pressing Shift+E.
  3. Wait for Connection: It might take a few moments for the jetway to align and connect with the aircraft's door. Once connected, you'll be able to see the jetway from the exterior view.

Please note that not all gates have jetways, and this feature may not work with all aircraft models. The jetway functionality is primarily designed for commercial airliners with compatible door configurations.

As for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020, the process is slightly different. In MSFS 2020, you can request the jetway connection through the in-game ATC menu, under the 'Ground Services' section. You can access this menu by pressing Scroll Lock key, and then selecting the appropriate option from the list.

I hope this information helps you enjoy a more immersive experience in your flight simulator! If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask.

Safe flying!

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