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A Flight Report

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Hello everyone!! I am finally back home in Portugal! It's nice to be home again.
Well, before starting with the flight report, as I promised, I have good news. Well, for me isn't very good, but I still like them. I was supposed to start my flying school this October, but I'm not going to. I will start it in December. The reason is the following. One of my objectives to complete in Argentina was to get my driver's licence. There you have to be over 21 to get it right away, and since I'm 18 I had to take a course of 2 hours for 4 saturdays. I couldn't take it because I wasn't going to stay in Argentina that long. Well, I have to get my driver's licence here and it takes 2 months. Yes, I know....crazy portugueses 😕
I will participate in the forums again until I go to my flying school in December.

Enough talking!! And to the flight report.

Note: Some pictures are blurred. Sorry about that. I'm learning how to use my camera. I took more pictures but they are really blurred so I will not upload them.
Also, I couldn't take pictures during flight because all of the flights were fully loaded and I wasn't seated on a window seat. I was only seated in a window seat twice but couldn't take pictures.

A Flight Report

Lisbon to São Paulo

Airline: Varig
Flight Number: RG8707
Departure ICAO Code: LPPT (Lisbon Intl. Airport)
Departure Time: 1310
Actual Departure Time: 1515
Arrival ICAO Code: SBGR (Guarulhos Intl. Airport)
Arrival Time: 1915
Actual Arrival Time: 2118
Total Flight Time: 10h5m
Equipment: Varig B767-300 with a Star Alliance Paint
Distance: 4935 miles (7896 km)

I arrived at the airport at 9:40. We couldn't do the check-in because it was too early to do it and the Varig staff weren't at their desks.
After a while, they came to their desks and we did the check-in.
The lady in the check-in tolds us that the flight was delayed 1 hour.
When we got to our gate, it was a mess! People were waiting for their flight to Natal, Brazil and there was also people waiting for the flight to São Paulo. They were all in the same gate. From our gate I saw a Varig 767-300 parked in the distance. I thought that that was our plane, but it turned out that the people waiting for the flight to Natal were going to travel in that airplane. So we were waiting and waiting to board our plane... The Varig stuff told us that the flight was delayed another hour.
Well, after all the complaining and waiting to board our plane finally another Varig 767-300 with a Star Alliance Paint arrived and parked next to the other B767-300. That was definitely our plane.
We boarded our plane and off we went. The flight was soooo smooth. When we were climbing, the pilot told us that the skies were clear and there was no turbulence. The entire flight was without turbulence. It was really smooth. The problem was that we were all squeezed. I had the front seat just like 10 cm touching my knees. It was so frustrated. Also it was sooo hot inside that airplane. It was a Boeing, what can I say about it? 😂 Just kidding, guys.

The next flight was from São Paulo to Buenos Aires in a B757-300. This flight wasn't that loaded. In fact, there was like 50 people there. So I had all the row just for me 😛 . I slept very well.

The next flight was from Buenos Aires to São Paulo in a MD-11. It was a surprise to me...I've never flown in a MD-11. That was my first time there.
The flight was smooth, with some turbulences on final approach. I thought that the pilot was doing a manual approach to the airport because the engines were increasing and decreasing the power every single time. It looked like the pilot was doing the approach manually.

The last flight was from São Paulo to Lisbon in a B767-300 with a Star Alliance Paint. This flight was like the other one. It was so unconfortable. Also there was too much turbulence during the flight. The landing was so smooth. Sincerely, it was the first time I felt a smooth landing in a Boeing. They usually shake a lot when the aircrafts land.

In the Lisbon airport there's a store that sells just miniature airplanes. There, there was a fully flight simulator with all the toys you might want to have. It was nice. You pay 5 euros and you use the sime for 15 minutes. The owner of that store was using it...I tell you want...I wouldn't like to be on that plane...
I wanted to use it but I didn't have money.

Now, to the pics!!

1. A German Wings A319

2. Swiss Airlines A319 parked in the gate.

3. TAP A310 parked.

4. Nice tails! 😀

5. And here's a PGA that.....

6. parked next to my gate.

7. TAP A319 taxiing to the runway.

8. This Spanair finished pushing back and it was ready to taxi.

9. An A400M!! It was the first time I saw this military bird.

10. Lufthansa A319 also taxiing to the runway. There were many airplanes landing in runway 05 and taxiing to that runway.

11. TAP A319

12. Sorry for the quality of this pic. This is a White A310

This is it! Next time I'll take better pictures.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Interesting story and well detailed, thanks for that. The pic's although some blurred are terrific.

I hope all works out well with that license.


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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Thanks RadarMan!

I found more pics that I didn't upload so I will upload them later. Only one is blurred.

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atreyu Captain

nice pictures 🍻

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Here I have more pictures that I took...

1. The tail of the MD-11 at the gate.

2. This is the B767-300 I've flown to Lisbon.

3. Another view of the B767-300.
I was on the bus so I couldn't took the picture with the entire aircraft.

4. A TAP A340-300 parked next to the B767-300.
No, I wasn't driving the bus 😂

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👏 Great shots, I haven't been to an airport in years. I drive past small ones but never stop.
I'm going to have to go to see all of that beautiful scenery, thanks for the extra screenshots.


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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

I love going to the airports. Sometimes, when we have to go to the downtown of Lisbon, we pass next to the Lisbon airport. It's really nice. You see lots of aircraft just a few meters away from you. It is just beautiful.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Welcome back. Nice pictures. 😀

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Pro-Sim First Officer

Great to have you back Agustin !

Fantastic flight report and great pics - really felt like I was there with you in front of that great selection of planes!

Look forward to seeing you back on the forums.



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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Thank you David for your nice comments!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Excellent pictures 👏

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Thanks! 😀

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CP16 Trainee

great report !!! 😀 😀

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Thank you! 😀

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Great Job Agus. 👍

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