FSX Weather Engine Problem

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abmukh80 First Officer

Hi Guys,

Cant figure this one out.
Suddenly my used defined weather has gone for a toss.
When I select user defined weather, I dont see those weather properties when FSX loads up. Example: If I've selected the base level for clouds at the airport elevation I dont see any clouds, neither any precipitation. I'd regularly use this feature earlier. Then suddlenly the weather changes automatically for a brief 1-2 sec and again comes back to default.
However the real-world and basic weather themes are working perfectly.
What makes it more complicated is, the problem happens when I'm parked, taxiing or take off. If I change the weather in flight the properties change on the destination airport perfectly!!!

Let me make it clear there has been no changes in hardware recently, neither any addon has been installed.
Please help me out on the same.

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