FSX aircraft sound problem

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Hi guys,

Ever since I've got FSX I hv faced this aircraft sound problem. The problem is there is no rumbling sound when the engines are in idle mode which I think is wrong. Only when I push the throttle up to 70% I start hearing the engine sound.

I also went into the sound controls in FSX and pushed up all sliders to 100% but result is the same.

Any of u face the same problem??? Please let me know.


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Actually I get excellent surround sound, with my Sound Blaster card and Logitech X530 speakers (not expensive).
Maybe you need to update your sound card drivers.


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On amazon you can get a perfectly good soundcard for £3.99 - I am using it with my logitech x-540 speakers and it works and sounds great, far better than my onboard sound. Search 5.1 sound card on amazon.co.uk and you will find it.

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abmukh80 First Officer

But do ya guys get it even when the engines are idle?

Thats the biggest point!!!

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Everything, if the aircraft is so equipped.
FSX is optimized for surround sound also so my rear speakers get a workout when the aircraft has a good sound set.
Hard to believe but one of the best set of sounds in the Trike, I get good sound from the rear.
Logitech x530.

You have to have a good card also.


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abmukh80 First Officer

Actually I never bothered about buying a sound card. Its the one which comes Intel onboard. I guess its called realtek!!!

Nothing extraordinary though but OK for day to day use. I play on Creative 2.1 speakers. I hv a subwoofer.


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