realtome weather problem in 2004

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hi all thanks for your help in the past Im getting some hours in now ! However just he other day I encountered a problem within the simulator regarding realtime weather downloads The problem bieng I cannot download reatime weather anymore All I get is a dialog box asking me to check my internet conection settings which seem to checkout ok ( I can go online and also get my mail etc and my firwall is not blocking the program etc if I use the theme weather no probs but I cannot use the realtime weather I have also looked at the settings in the program itsself but its a mystery anyone offer any advice please?

Many thanks

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I get the same results. The server is probably down, it happens sometimes. 🙂

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Server is down.

If you ever want to confirm, go to If the page opens, the server is up and running.

Northwest has had a hefty storm roll through, power down in some areas.

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It always happens at the most inappropriate time - Murphy's Law. The first time I tried it on FSX I hit the snag, but it was back up in a few minutes.

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