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Hi... I have downloaded the above zip file and have had no problem installing the F14 but I have tried several times to load the carrier into
the addon scenery in FS9 to no avail. I see extra files other than the
Effects and Texture which most of the folders have for other carriers
but I have been chasing my tale trying to install the Waikato carrier and
the F14 as this particular zip file is complete with nothing else to load.
I am using FS9 and have installed addon scenery before but this one has
me stumped. Can anyone help me? I am running Windows 2000, 3 Ghz,
750 meg of ram and a video card with 128 meg of ram on board so I
am positive it is not the computer. Does any know the ICAO code for
the carrier just in case it is loaded somewhere else in the system.

Thank you

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Hi.. After much searching on the forum I found what I was looking for and
have 98% of the problem solved. I found the carrier and landed on it
after taking off from Auckland on the third try. Now the problem is, it appears that the ICAO code for the carrier is not correct and I cannot find a way to place the Tomcat on the carrier for takeoff. The carrier ICAO
code as taken from the map reads IWAK but you cannot get to the
carrier using this ICAO code. Also I dont believe the VOR frequency is
correct either as 108.1 as read from the map also. So the problem is,
what is or isn't correct? The ILS frequency is correct as 112.1 and the
aircraft lock to in using the APR.


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