What computer requirments do u need to play FS2004?

Hixy Guest

elllo, i really want a new FS for crimbo. i have FS2000 and i like that and lookin at this site FS04 looks gr8 but i dont know if my computer will b able to play it Embarassed i dontreally know that much about computers but if some1 cld tell me wat i will need that wld b gr8, 😀 cheers Hixy

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"Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight" System Requirements:

Windows 98/2000/XP/Me

Pentium 450 or greater processor

64 MB RAM for 98/Me; 128 MB RAM for 2000/XP

8 MB/3-D with DirectX 7.0 or later videocard

1.8 GB hard drive space

Joystick/yoke, soundcard, speakers/headphones

56.6 kbps modem or LAN required for online play

Average price of FS9 - $24.99

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Those are the minimum requirements as stated by Microsoft.Dont expect blistering perfomance with a set up like that
tell us about your system and we will be able to say what you can expect from it

To find your system specs Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select properties
That will give you the operating system, the processor and the ammount of ram
Next click the Hardware tab,then Device Manager
Now click the little + sign next to Display adapters, that will tell you about the video card
Now come back and tell us

Hixy Guest

microsoft windows 98
second edtion
Performance status:
Memory: 127.0MB of RAM
System Resources: 30% free
File System: 32-bit
Virtual Memory: 32-bit
Disk compression: not Installed
PC Cards (PCMCIA): No PC Card Sockets are installed

erm..hope that helps, thanx for ur help as well m8, cheers

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128mb of memory is not enough.
With W98SE you can safely add another 256mb of memory (no more than that), but we still don't know what CPU or video card you have.
CPU+ Is it a 850mb, 1 gig, 1.5 gig ?


Hixy Guest

it dosent matter anymore, we r gettin a new pc wiv all that stuff (i think) so i'll have to wait till then to play, cant wait. thanx for ur help anyway, nice 1 m8, av a nice crimbo, l8r dude

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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

One that works
A hardy HA HA HA.
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