New Computer: Best Specs for FS2004?

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Hey All!
I am looking to buy a new computer to run FS2004 with maxed-out settings and nice graphics, with above-all good FPS. My grandparents' have a nice Dell 530 with 2GB of RAM, a 128MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro video card I think, and an AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core 4400+ processor. The computer is almost exactly a year old. On their computer, I can run FS2004 with maxed-out settings, payware aircraft and scenery, all at generally 20 FPS on the ground.

Now my question is...what specs would you recommend I try to follow. I'm pretty much trying to match the system described above. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 😀

P.S. I would like to spend at the maximum around $700. Hope this helps!

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ye just go with your grandparents computer or get a dell Geforce fx5500 and a core duao proccesser and thats it your good to go 😀

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I would suggest to get highter then 6 series for video card, but thats my opinnnion, in anyway they are not expensive. A year and half ago I bought the 7600 GS OC AGP 512 mb, it was like $250 now it should be like $70 🙂 ram is good, for proccesory look for dual core. thats it, my opinion, if you want to run the game smoooth, but with add-ons too,. cuz when you download nall those nice add-ons, like flight enviroment, US and Canada wold scenery, airport add-ons etc... Takes alot of memory, so get sometihng around what I wrote above. 🙂

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Thanks for the suggestions guys!
Now, I have another question...what is the difference, if there are any, between the Dell Inspiron Desktop and Inspiron Slim Desktop? Would either one have different performance characteristics? I know I could easily ask Dell or some other person with a good knowledge of computers, but I might as well ask here on Fly Away. 😉

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