Oh my goodness, there are soooo many 8800 graphics cards!

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What does one look for to determine which one is faster? I've seen a dozen or so 8800 GT or GTS cards.... eeeeek! I'm not that concerned about the manufacturer (EVGA, PNY, XFX, etc.)

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XFX 8800 GTS 512MB

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what's the difference?

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Videocards have their own dedicated ram, you probably want to go with 512 mb. Less than that and your performance suffers, more than that and they get expensive quick.

It's been awhile since i've gone gfx card shopping, but i believe the 8800 GTX is the fastest of the series, followed by the GTS and the GT. There isn't a huge difference between them, but it is noticeable.

Finally, manufacturers sell pre-overclocked versions of the 8800... If you're savvy enough to OC it yourself then don't spend the money, otherwise go for it.

Hope this helped, if i'm wrong about something or wasn't specific enough let me know 🙂

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GTX are getting hard to find. They are about $100us more and they aren't selling.

A good place to look for vga card comparisons is Tom's Hardware,30.html . They are using FSX SP2 (amoung other games) to bench mark all available cards.

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Search for an MSI 8800GT 😉
Factory overclocked 😉

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ok. so all of those cards have plenty of ram. however, that doesnt appear to be the pricing point. theres apparently other factors determining higher performances. core speed, streams, memory speed?

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