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Can anyone tell me if ifly-uk site still exists for downloads? I have been unable to connect to the server.
I have been flying the ifly 747-400. I think it might be better that pmdg!!

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Have you tried the PMDG 747? I see what you're saying, but try the PMDG 747, it's much more realistic than even the iFly (from my point of view - and many other people - the PMDG 747 is the best on the market! 😀 ). And you can get AIRAC updates for the FMC. The iFly does have bugs though, and it uses the FSX default 747 soundset - it doesn't have it's own sounds apart from all the annuciations etc. but the engine sounds and a few other sounds are from the default FSX 747. PMDG 747 has its own soundset and it sounds much better and more realistice. The autopilot holds the plane steady whereas the iFly autopilot makes the plane shake about slightly in straight and level flight (i think that might be something to do with the .air file).


iFly is the BEST EVER free 747!
PMDG is the best payware 747...and it's worth the money!

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

The iFly wins any day over the PMDG, because of its price. Wink

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n_codrington Trainee

Lol :-p

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Methinks PMDG is slowly dying... whatever happened to the MD-11??? It's been in the works for - let me guess - more than three years now 😳 ts.. ts.. ts..

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