iFly Boeing 747-400 SID/STAR/APP Database and

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Additional 9 Livery

For thoses people that have this bird installed:

File Description:
This package contains SID/STAR and APPROACH database for iFLY Beoing 747-400 aircraft for more than 800 airports. Also there is 9 additional livery included to this package; - KLM - British Airways - Virgin Atlantic - QANTAS
- Turkish Airlines - Kibris Turk Havayollari - Atlasjet - Ephesus Virtual - Turkish Virtual Airlines

iFly Boeing 747-400 SID/STAR/APP Database and Additional 9 Livery

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Thanks for the heads up liono 👍


Please help...

I have problem downloading that file. Download is failed

Do you think that AVSIM is still having problems?

Any suggestion for other address?

abderahman Guest

i have a ifly 747 for fs2004 ; when i launch it the fs stop workin .pleas help me ; i have a acer aspire one 3 gb ram core I2 .

abderahman Guest

guest go to this link and download the free ifly with many liveries: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/1898/fsx-ifly-boeing-747-400/
youhave just to clik on download or telecharger .
auto instaler

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