A321 Joystick Error

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How come the A321 is so hard to control above 200ft. When it's below that altitude, the aircraft operates exactly like a Boeing, but above the altitude, I have to wait like 5 seconds before it responds to my command on the joystick.

Please let me know how to fix this problem.

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...pilot error -- or, my guess is you saved a flight, made it your default flight and now the settings from that saved flight control your 321. Try deleting your saved flights and see if the problem persists.

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer


On overhead panel top right corner, second row down. Its the fly-by-wire controls, turn off all four, or go into the A231's aircraft.cfg and find


It should say something about Fly By Wire, if it is 1, make it 0, or vise versa.

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Raz those four switches are OFF by default. I doubt that he messed with those without knowing what they're for. Same goes for the "fly_by_wire = 1" in the aircraft.cfg.
If ehuang6 is new to this business he'll have a hard time finding the .cfg in the first place let alone edit it.

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

Oh yes, they're suppsoted to be on. Its FTL CTRL I believe. Let me get a pic

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer
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n7xlq1 First Officer

Hey Raz, I have two questions for you?

1) What does those switches do or don't do?

2) How did you get that FMC, that's not part of the 321 in FSX is it?

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