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Hi Guys! Haven't been on in a long time. I was wondering about the code to enter in the cfg to have the tail view option.
Thanks for your help.

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Title = "Tail"
Guid = {5D23AC3D-6949-4dae-8FB7-E913545D1641}
Description = Looking forward from behind the aircraft
Origin = Center
SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel
SnapPbhReturn = FALSE
PanPbhAdjust = Swivel
PanPbhReturn = FALSE
Track = None
ShowAxis = FALSE
AllowZoom = TRUE
InitialZoom = .75
ShowWeather = Yes
InitialXyz = 0, 1.3, -24.0
InitialPbh = 3, 0, 0
XyzAdjust = TRUE

I think that'll do bud

But remember, POV from the Acceleration F-18 might be slightly different from the aircraft you're using 😂 As a matter of curiosity, what kind of aircraft are you planning to add this to?

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Thanks. It is kind of a pain to try to use soem of the other views that drift all around.

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where do i put the tail viewer code ? ❗ ❓

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