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Kind of long story...I had FSX Regular Version...Bought the expansion pack...Installed and it was good.

I installed the RV4 airplane. The first time I tried to fly it...The trim was stuck nose up...

Since then all my planes have been stuck that way...even when trying to move the trim roller in the won't move. I tried the keyboard too.

I uninstalled FSX and Acc Pack. Reinstall...same problem. Uninstalled everything. Even deleted folders

Bought Deluxe Version and installed...Same Joystick...(Extreme 3d Pro) same problem. Unplugged keyboard...its still there...

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Thank You!!!

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Nevermind on this...I had another controller for my RC Simulator and it was throwing things off. I guess I got a new joystick out of the deal....

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glad to be of assistance! 😀

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