Radio and NAV stuck on one frequency

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I have recently ran into some problems with panels having the frequencies stuck on channel. I have tried downloading other panels for these aircaft but they all seem to stay stuck. Is there something I can change that will allow my to change the frequecies on the radios and navs?


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Steve (megafoot) First Officer

you realize that you can only change freqs on the standby selector, once you set the standby selector to the freq you want then you hit the little [<=>] next to (between) the freq readings to change the standby to active. I hope this helps. If thats not the problem then i am helpless, hopeless and clueless (about normal situation for me)

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

This has happened to me as well...hope someone knows what the bug is.

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Try maually changing the frequencies [ don't press `] e.g. use your transponder to change frequencies.

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Maybe this is old news, but Ive found that some radio sets allow only one selection ie no standby. Therefore you have to go into the aircraft.cfg file, in the part where it says "Radios" and place a ZERO ("0") in the column marked "has standby frequency". So for example you'll see NAV 1- 1,0,1
means avaialble, has standby frequency, has glideslope (from memory I may have theorder wrong) removing the need for standby freq, older radio sets dial direct.

It has worked for me every single time.

good luck


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Greg (FL050) First Officer

Also, move the mouse around the knob. Different parts of the knob change different parts of the frequency code.

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