Over sized lights using Matrox and FSX

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😀 Rafman Hi Guys, I am running Matrox using three screens in FSX and I'm having problems with the over sized lights on runway, approach and taxi. Is there any way of reducing the brightness so I can see. Thanks Rafman 😀

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Well it does expand the view into three screens. Some addon programs like X Graphics, Flight Enviorment X, and Real Enviornment eXtreme have places where you can choose which lights you want and they have really small lights.

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😀 Rafman Although I'm grateful for the input Razgriz912 it doesn't help much. Is there anyway of changing the FSX Config to accommodate the use of Matrox. Being blinded on take off and approach might help with centralising on the runway but I need some way of curing the problem.....There must be some really clued up programmers out there....Help please, Thanks. Rafman 😀

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