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Unless there is low visibility I can always see ground when flying above overcast? Reeal weather is great, but the ground always shows - bit hazy but shows. Is there any setting in the scenary or in weather I can do to achieve a genuine overcast? I recall that in some previous FS version you actually flew above clouds, dipped in while on ILS approach and emerged from it at the runway trashold?

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I myself have always been disappointed when flying above overcast/foggy skies in FS. If there was a way to fix it, I'd sure be eager to have it changed. Anyone know anything more about this?

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Gents as far as i know, there's no way of getting that nice undercast in FS2004 like there was in FS2002 😞 and i've pretty much looked everywhere and asked everyone .

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If you are looking for a layer of ground fog-set up stratus about 3000 feet thickand 8/8 from ground level up and reduce Visability to about 5 miles

if you want to not see the ground at all from say 10000'

Do the same-but make the stratus about 6000 thick and 8/8 add a second layer over that of 8/8 and set Vis to 5 mi--that should give you a zero zero approach

ifyou want to land thru a solid deck, but clear under at ground level

then lay in the clouds about 200 AGL--and set vis to 1/2 mile--that should give you a workout

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