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Free Windows XP

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Umm... Well almost
If you think you have a dodgy copy of XP,well you may be able to get a new copy FREE Arrow

UK only

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Fantastic Rolling Eyes not only do buyers of legitimate software already pay more because of pirates, now Microsoft is legitimising, & subsidising (on our behalf) people who buy their copy of windows after responding to a "$9.95 XP pro" spam ad in their email. Yeah, who's to know Bill isn't into aggressive marketing strategies like that? "Poor fella, here have a real one on the house instead"... Crying or Very sad

What's next? Uncle Sam cashing my $1 000 000 dollar note with Bill Clinton on the front? Evil or Very Mad

Hopefully it's a ruse to get people to send their address & proof of ownership of illegal software, and have Scotland Yard round for a cuppa...

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