FSX immediately shuts down after loading aircraft

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Hallo again everyone. I just received the Wilco Airbus series v.1 and v.2. After chosing one of these new addon-Airbus aircrafts, FSX immediately shuts down. Nothing more happens. It just quits.

I'm using Vista, and I have My Traffic X installed.

Why is this happening? Someone else who have had the same shutdown problem related to an addon?

Thanks! 😛

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It seems to me that unless you have the DELUXE version you'll have compatibility issues as the old version is for FS2004. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place, have a look at these two pages:



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Thank you for answering. I have the deluxe version, and i managed to fix the problem by removing fmgc.cfg from the FSX/FeelThere/Airbus/FMGC/[ac]... Now i can load the aircraft, but other problems emerge: for example, some panels (e.g. pressing shift+2) are totally black and i can't bank the wings. That is, i can't turn the aircraft manually, and i can't use all of the cockpit's functions, which is rather boring...

Someone have any clue why my panels mess with me or why i can't turn with the aircraft (i don't have the NumLock activated).


I have a similar problem with my FSX as well. The program shuts down unexpectedly, but it’s when I either load a flight or select a takeoff location. I can’t seem to fix this or anything. Can you help me out?

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