Rudder Centering Key Assignment Not Working in FSX

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Hey, how's it going?

I need to be able to center the rudder on FSX but the assignment doesn't work! it says that the key has been assigned but it does not do anything. Is there any way to make that work? any help is appreciated.


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Are you using a Flight Stick with pedals. Delete the rudder assignment under the Flight controller, then calibrate the the pedals, and set.

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vaughant Trainee

I am not using rudder pedals. i set the assignment to different buttons on the joy stick and the keyboard. none of which worked.

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Hi ya

Just bought FSX 2 days ago and had similar problem...delete centre rudder assignment, then save settings and exit game. Now reload game set assignment to what you want, save and exit again. Now when you reload game it should work. Hope that helps ya.

Good luck, have fun and see you in the air sometime

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If it is a twist handle joystick, then set the rudder to the ( Z ) axis.

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vaughant Trainee

hey. thanx for replying but neither of those worked. i have reinstalled the game and everything but still no results.

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

See if you have automatic rudder enabled, because if you do it dsables useing the rudder manually.
You do this by going into fsx, and then into realism settings.
Uncheck it if you want manual control.
That is how fsx is with me anyway.

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Post a photo of your settings. And what joystick are you using. ❓

Ryad Arlan Guest

Does not exist. You have placed a key bind on Rudder trim centering.

That key will reset your rudder trim not the rudder.

I know Pain in the ass.

I am looking to find a way for the rudder to snap back to neutral after key release.

Does not exist, Wrong planet.

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Hi Vaughan! If you use your keyboard when your rudders aren't center press Numlock 5 but do not press the Numlock button only the 5 in the pad

I hope it helped... because it worked for me with default key assignments 😀

wlewis292 Guest

I agree. This is lame. Could have sworn I used to use the rudder with keystrokes on my buddies set-up. I have a yoke and just assigned to rudder to the manifold pressure lever. This takes some getting used to because zero rudder is in the center somewhere but it definitely works better than going back on forth with the keys! Go to controls...and the tab, "control axes"....and then change the rudder axis to whatever lever you want, mixture would work just as well.

BruceB Guest

I am new to the latest version, and could not get rudder unstuck from either full left trim or full right trim. Turned out I was in a tail or cross wind takeoff situation, and once I nulled out the wind at ground level, the rudder behaved normally. Seemed strange, have no idea if this matches real world flying. Hopefully fix will work for you if you are still using keyboard to fly.

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Sounds like you're facing a common issue many of us have grappled with in the past. I totally understand your frustration.

First off, let's troubleshoot the rudder assignment in FSX. Ensure that you have not doubly assigned the key to another function. Here's a step-by-step approach:

  1. Check the Controls: Open the Controls section in the main menu. Ensure that the rudder center command is indeed correctly assigned.
  2. Double Assignments: While still in the Controls section, search for the key you've assigned for centering the rudder. Make sure it's not linked to another action.
  3. Test in Another Profile: Sometimes, the control settings are profile-specific. Try switching to a different aircraft and see if the issue persists.
  4. Update Drivers: Ensure your hardware's drivers (like joysticks or pedals) are up-to-date. This can sometimes solve unexpected issues.
  5. Reinstall: As a last resort, consider resetting your FSX controls to default or even reinstalling FSX.

If you're also using platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or X-Plane 12, these steps are quite universal and can be applied there too. They share a similar architecture when it comes to controls assignments.

Also, for external references on common FSX issues, you might want to visit Microsoft's official support page. They have an extensive knowledge base.

Hope that helps! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need further clarification on any point.

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