starting the P_3C_V29 in FSX.

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I did recently read that with FSX accelleration. That the aircraft will defualt to engines off when loaded. which is fine. But the P-3C-V29 orion will not restart. the panel switches wich turn on the fuel pumps are in the off position and will not toggle. i've tried setting toggle switches on my yoke and thr quad to turn on fuel but only turns on fuel transfer. i've tried F1 on keyboard. it will just not restart. any suggestions.

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Ctrl+E or E+1, 2, 3, 4 should start them.

Download and print this out for all the keyboard commands.


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I am so sorry. I should have also included-I did try ctrl +e..
and E+1234. Etc. i tried ctrl +F1 but this only sets the prop pitch in engine 1. ? I also do not see a FUEL PUMP on/off control in the settings in FSX.
Just fuel transfer. Fuel on/off. But no fuel pump?.
Thank You very much for the reply anyway. I wish i could contact the the author but the download says author unknown.
Again thanks.

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dieselrotor wrote:

I wish i could contact the the author but the download says author unknown.
Again thanks.

Here lies the key to your dilemma. The indication is that you've downloaded the P-3 from the Flyaway library which always says "author unknown" or from Simviation. Both libraries aren't fussy as to who uploads dodgy files, as long as the library can claim to have so many thousand files ready for download.

In fact, the authors of the P-3 are well known within the community: Daisuke Yamamoto, Hiroaki Kubota and Toshikazu Harada. The megalomaniac's name who is unknown is the one who probably placed thumbnails into the texture folders so that the aircraft will show up in the FSX aircraft menu. And this might as well be the full extend of the "Update".

The P-3 is a very complex add-on which simply cannot be updated to FSX standards by rookies. My suggestion: Forget about the P-3 or pick up a copy of FS2004 and you'll have all those beautiful, fully functioning aircraft to play with -- including the P-3. 🙂

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in looking into the Cab files and comparing with others. I found the fuel pump switches were not included. the BMP's are but not the switch. so I thought if I open the sim with say " a B-17(another 4 engine aircraft) with engine's already running and then switch the aircraft from the Alt menu. the sim should think it is still running when opened. And sure enough . It worked. The P-3 sits there running and stays running. Now I can fly it. This is the only aircraft i have had this problem with and can live with it. It's a goergous plane and i love flying it in rough rainy weather. I even tried adding fuel pump switches in pannel maker. But it did not work either. ALL else works on the aircraft per keyboard controls. I am happy.
Thank You for You're response. I have built many aircraft in AC3D, Wings,and blender. and know rotations and dataroots. I fly these in X-Plane. I use Photoshop elemants 7 pro for textures. and convert my own sound bites to WMV. It took me a year to figure out how to import objects then convert ACF files in X-Plane. I think I'll just fly for now in FSX and download other peoples excellent work for now.
Again thanks for the info. very appreciated. Problem solved(sorta). 😀

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Yes, loading another a/c with running engines and then switching to the stubborn one will often do the trick, good thinking. Mind you, I have encountered a few where this method doesn't work. The Conkordski and if I remember correctly the P-3 amongst others come to mind but only after the updates had been installed (this concerns FS9 releases). I guess that was for the realism sake.
Here is the link for the original FS9 P-3 and its updates:

It made quite a splash upon its release. Spurred on by your post I just had to look at Avsim for a possible FSX P-3 and lo and behold, look at this:

Obviously I haven't flown this FSX version as my FSX requires chocolate cake, the burning of incense and the scarification of goats to be coaxed into firing up... so, no first hand experience from me. What I can tell you so, the team that modified this a/c for FSX does quality work and it might be worth checking it out.
I am happy that you managed to (sorta) solve the problem. If the army of "Upgraders" had your expertise at their disposal, most of the mess that FSX freeware add-ons consist of could be eliminated.

Happy flying 🍻

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WOW, very cool. Thank You for the links. If half the people with moderate knowledge of these things would help others , instead of the few like you !
There would be a lot more happy fliers instead of frustrated nay sayers that all computer programs should run perfectly Damb it !!
You are very appreciated for scamming these topics and to others helping like You did.
And i promise to pay it back. Once I get more knowledgeable about this simulator and it's flukes so I do not do more damage than good, I will also give help where I can.
Thank You for setting an example.
I am going out of town at 7:00am and will not have time today to go to these links. But am sure to when i get back. Have a great weekend Tailhook.
"knowledge is power' And You are a Yoda among Jedi." 😉

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