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Recently I unistalled and reinstalled Flight Sim X.

Prior to the reinstall of Flight Sim X I was able to enter thermals around 500' altitude on the east end of the runway at Locarno, Switzerland (LSZA).

Now after the reinstallation of Flight Sim X the thermals have been relocated southeast of the airport. I really want them back in their original position.

I confirmed with other players in multi-player that they still have the thermals where I originally had them. My weather settings have enabled turbulence and thermals and I have selected schematic thermals but still no luck.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me solve this little mystery.

Thank you.

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My computer has dual-boot operating systems (XP and Vista on 2 separate hard-drives). I decided to install Flight Sim X on XP to see if the thermals would appear in the correct places - they did! Amazing, 2 installations on 2 different operating systems!

It took 4 phone calls and over 3 hrs on the phone with MS Tech support! After I called them back to tell them the XP install was correct they recommended uninstalling Sim X from Vista and reinstalling. I did and it reset the thermals back to where they should have been in the first place.

My conclusion, I did not install the Service Pack 1 update for Flight Sim X as it resulted in the removal and/or relocation of thermals.

Geeze these MS programmers need to do some tweaking!

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