which is better FSX or X-Plane

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I am creating a flight simulator with cockpit, I want it as realistic as possible. Wich software is better FSX vs. X-Plane

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So far FSX.
If MS quits making It then in 5 years or so X-Plane will have caught up with it.

But a cockpit is a cockpit no matter what the software is, the control panel of the aircraft stays the same.


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Bob (Traches) First Officer

It depends on the cockpit, I'd do some more research if i were you. X-Plane isn't as pretty as FSX, but it is much more customizable and controllable. It has a version that is FAA approved for running a full on training sim.

Here's a link to their page on the topic --

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Cheeks Chief Captain

FS2004 is better than both 😀

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Cheeks wrote:

FS2004 is better than both 😀


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Llain First Officer

Hi Cheeks fs2004 is only better then FSX if your pc is unable to run FSX
with high fps. I take it that your pc is unsble to FSX

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