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I know its sad to see FSX come to the end since Microsoft has dropped them. Too bad because i was hoping to see them changed some things like world ground textures which is the only thing lacking in the game today. The clouds and weather programs are top notch looking at the earth detail in high detail is still not there . Does anyone have any further info if fsx is indeed over or will there be new life. For know i have uninstalled fsx since the announcement what more can mods do to enhanced this game. Leave feedback and give your response on how you guys feels about FSX and the end of flight simming. Surprised

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doatg wrote:

FSX and the end of flight simming. Surprised

If FSX turns out to be indeed the final edition of the MSFS franchise, it doesn't mean flight simming will come to an end, not by a long shot.
Who knows, such a scenario might be a blessing in disguise. There are plenty talented and capable programmers all over the place who would keep this great hobby alive. Many have been brainwashed into believing that flight simulation will cease and cannot exist without Phil Taylor and the Aces team.
There are many thousands of informed and uninformed opinions concerning FSX floating around on the www I guess one has to listen and contemplate BOTH.

I personally am convinced though that should FSX be the last in the Microsoft line, in five years from now, more enthusiasts will still have FS9 installed on their systems than FSX.

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Or X-Plane will get polished up a bit and become the leading sim!

I'd use it if people would write decent addons for it...

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Umm... ...aren't you supposed to make your own add-ons for X-Plane? 😁

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Yeah, looked into it once... I'm not exactly talented at 3d modeling however, and I have no idea where to get all the aerodynamic data that the sim wants in order to accurately model an aircraft.

Also, most of the planes are slightly better than the default FSX planes, with no VC. There's nothing that compares to the payware planes in FSX...

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