Can't End “Civil Air Patrol Search” Mission

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I’m stuck in the “Civil Air Patrol Search” Mission supplied with FSX Deluxe. After I pick up the downed pilot and am routed to “McCall”, and after landing there, I loose all comm. from the “CAP Observer”. Consequently, I don’t know where to drop him off and complete the mission. I’ve been taxiing around McCall forever, trying to drop off the body at every door, with the exit open since I think putrefaction may be setting in by now 😂 . Does anyone know how to end this mission at McCall? I’ve tried landing over again at McCall but still have same outage of instructions.


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mtdave2 Guest

i just finished this mission today!, it ended as soon as a came to a stop on the run way... i know this doesnt help much, but at least you know how its suposed to end.

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Ah Ha!

That does indeed help a lot! 😀 I could have been taxiing around there forever trying to find some gimmick.

Many thanks,

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