Instaling FSX Gold Edition (Error 1935 at the end of instal)

jssjr90 Guest

Basic System Specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

So this has been bugging me for the past 6 hours. Every single time I try to install FSX Gold Edition, right at the end of the instillation when the status says its "Publishing product", it gives me a error dialogue box saying;

Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.MSXML2,publicKeyToken="6bd6b9abf345378f",version="",type="win32",processorArchitecture="x86"'. Please refer to Help and Support for more information.

I bought FSX Gold Edition a couple of days ago. I uninstalled FSX Deluxe and removed all of its left over contents and now this...
I have checked in my System32 folder to see what "msxml.dll" files I have and it appears I do not have the one listed in the error.

I have the following files that are related to the one listed in the error in my System32 folder. (msxml3, msxml3r, msxml6, msxml6r)

I tried searching for this file on the official Microsoft website and it appears they do not support the file anymore...

I am at a loss hear. I have probably searched tons of webpages about this issue and it appears that allot of people have come up with this error and all I see is no solutions, or solutions that ultimately do not finish the instillation properly.

I also tried re-installing FSX Deluxe Edition and I still get the same thing. I am installing this on a separate internal hard drive. Keeping it away from my main C drive.

So I was wondering if anyone on here knew what to do. Thanks for anybody that can help.

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jssjr90 Guest

*Correction on the msxml2.dll missing file on the error, it was relay msxml4.dll. Which I did download from Microsoft itself and placed it into the System32 folder with the other msxml files...still get the same error over and over. On both editions of FSX I have.

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Without knowing exactly what the error message says I'm just guessing.


jssjr90 Guest

this is the error message.

Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.MSXML2,publicKeyToken="6bd6b9abf345378f",version="",type="win32",processorArchitecture="x86"'. Please refer to Help and Support for more information.

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