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I have a question for someone who knows the Wilco737PIC FMC, Cause see i have done everything i have read in the manual but know matter what i do, i can't get the danm Magenta line or Track Line if you want to call it on the EHSI.
Maybe if someone could post specific instructions on how to set it up completely, it would be appreciated.


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I don't know the 737 fmc in particular, but do you know if it's similar to other boeing FMCs?

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Yeah i would imagine they are pretty close to he same.

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Has the magenta line ever been on the EHSI (navigation display)? Just an FYI for your readers, EHSI, is also referred to as the ND or Navigation Display.

It sounds like you haven't programmed the flight into the FMC. List your steps, exactly how you're doing your flight setup. Don't leave out any details. It will help those of us who are familiar with Wilco's 737pic.


What's your name?

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

The line has never been on my display, but i seen pictures and such that it's suposed to, and i know it's suposed to.
And i can't remeber exactly every step i take in setting up the FMC, but i do usually follow the manual.
Like first i do the regular stuff like seetings up all the inercial reference, stuff like that, and my fuel burn, ZFW, Empty Weight, ect..

Then i go to set up the flight legs, and i type in each waypoint i pass on my route.
I f someone could type in here exact steps i need to do, that would help alot.

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sidsharma Trainee

I have download 737 pilot in command. can any one give me password. to access that

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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Why do you need a password?
There is nothing on the Wilco737 that you need a password for.

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