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Does anyone else think the default panels in FS9 are somewhat of a joke? I'd say especially the 777. There's just such a lack of.. controls, lol.

I think the most un-realisitic aspect is the absence of a FMC. Does anyone know where I can find a good FMC download? (freeware only please :wink🙂

Thanks in advance!

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Here's a 747 package with FMC that's been very popular since its release:

Ryan F. Guest

Thanks for the links guys... do you know of any FMC downloads that can go to general use? Like the FDSFX freeware add-on for cabin announcements. It can be added to any aircraft's panel.

Thanks in advance!

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I like totally agree with you, Ryan! Default FS panels, especially those of jets, are a joke! 😕 I wonder if anybody still enjoys the default 737 ... ?

I don't think there is an FMC addon that could be added to any plane, (correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't checked out those links), but BELIEVE me, PCaviator, (although payware) has SO many awesome planes that they would make you foam (and get a credit card)! You should buy the PMDG New Generation! It's got a fully working FMC with the complete overhead panel and working APU.

It's a MUST for everyone. 😀

Ryan F. Guest

heh, thanks for the advice. I need two things first, a job and a credit card, lol

the latter of the two i need to wait a few months until I turn 18 (parental issues with the credit card 😕 )

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