Joystick for tail-dragging. Homemade?

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I'm going to be learning to fly the Piper Cub soon (I currently fly Cessna's real world), and wanted to get some practice on FS before my lessons. I've got the Saitek yoke, and was looking at getting the X-52, but what other options are there out there? I did once come across a page that had a home-built stick that had been lengthened, but I can't seem to find it, if anyone has any links to home-builds. I would prefer a seperate throttle as well, but I can only find the X-52 with a seperate throttle column.

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I fly only GA with taildraggers being my favorite (DC-3).
Also check out
I only use a stick with a twist handle for rudder.
You have some nice equipment.
If you want, something like this would be nice.

I don't know where you live but amazon has good prices.


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