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Hi all,

I've not been around so much lately so am just catching up.

There are a lot of new members on the forum which is great for the site, and these new people get my sincere welcome, and we look forward to hearing from you with your Questions, Ideas, Comments and Interesting posts.

You may have noticed that I left a very direct and angry post on the site directed at one new member who made a comment that all "Guests" should be banned from the site.

I totally stand by this and would strongly encourage a sincere apology from that person, to the many Guests that make this site so great.

I would also encourage that the "Rank" on this site is just for fun, and represents nothing more than the volume of posts that have been placed on the site.

Therefore, it may make the site more pleasurable for us all, if eveyone followed a couple of principles :-

- Is your post adding anying at all or is it just to increase your rank ?

- Could your posting be offensive to any member, guest or a section of people ?

Ok, so I broke rule 2 today as CDR probably found my posting offensive but I am positive that it was needed.

This is a fab site, enjoyed by all... it's main strength is that it's fun and cool, but never racist, nationalist, homophobic, sexist or other wise pig-headed..... It also shows a great unity of like-minded people across the world - not just between the UK and the US but also representing the people from all other countries and cultures that join or visit the site.



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Guest Anna Guest

gps kid

that is so cool.... well said

i have not posted since CDR made the comment about guests - i felt very unwelcome so decided just to read the site instead.

your sensible post has sorted that out mate so i'm looking forward to learning more about the sim.

ok so does anyone in the uk know the best place to buy that CH YOKE column, it seems pricey so im wanting to know if theres a cheap place to get it ?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Guest Anna wrote:

ok so does anyone in the uk know the best place to buy that CH YOKE column, it seems pricey so im wanting to know if theres a cheap place to get it ?

I have searched for sites in the UK and ebay keeps comming up a lot(worth a look)
Found this ➡

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jelami First Officer

Sure, now that your chief captain 👏 , suddenly rank means nothing. Wink

You know I am just kidding don't you?

Relax everyone, don't take it so seriously, life is too short to sweat stuff like this.
Take pride in all those you have helped, and the good friends you have made here, and let the little stuff go.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I would have to agree, its not worth hanging on to bad memories. If we did, I personally would never hear the end of it from a few people, not just here, but in life in general. I've been up to my eyes in schtik in life, AND here before, (thanks to a troublesome friend, who will remain nameless...) But hey, eventually it all fades, and life returnes to mornal....SNAFU 😛

btw: SNAFU :Situation Normal, All Funked Up.

Notice, i say funk a lot, in real life too...keeps me from swearing, and it has the same effect, especially at a does Monkey, get loads of weird apprehensive glances with taht one!!!

Good nite all, good ol dad says bedtime 😛

see ya

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Thank you everyone here at fly away! Whether we have scuffles or not, i've really enjoy being a member here! Whether we think we earned it or not, rank certainly shows our participation and commitment here. If we reach first officer, captain, or chief, we've certainly made connections and bonds in the air that are pretty deep! I'm glad we can resolve these issues so quickly!

Thank you Ohiosimmer for the opprotunity to fix your computer and get you flying as soon as possible!
Thank you GPS kid for sharing SO many similar flight interest as me but having more experience to share with me!
Thank you Radar man for your prompt replies and showing that people really care!
Thank you Fire emblem for all of your knowledge you contribute!
Thank you watersprite for all of your inspiring crop-duster flights!
And thank you CDR for your exuberance and eagerness to get involved!

(I know i've talked to more but those are all that come to mind right now)

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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

I posted this to an earlier post.

TOO Kid and all.
I want to apologies to every on for some of my off beat posts.
Being new here I didn't know the situation of visitors.
If I hurt someones feelings I am very truly sorry.
I am here to help other people,Not hurt them
I'm really sorry as this is not my nature.
Have a good Holiday all.

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Elkinallen First Officer

Hey there GPS!! Whats up? Remember me? How is it going with RFP?

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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

I dont know what RFP is
Please explain.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Thank you cow for making cheese, thank you Radarman for not running me over with the Vacuum cleaner...thats about it..

*are you lost yet???*

It's been a good day!

I love my job!

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Elkinallen First Officer

RFP is a GREAT addon. It is Ready For Pushback. A 747-200 addon. Go to

Great to have you CDR I do not think that there is an overwhelming part of the forum crowd with your seniority (Age) 😀 😀 😀

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