Help the elderly and his Transformer planes

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I'm 73 and just discovered the joy of simulators. My previous computer would play FSX but the video was bad and jerky, so to comfort me in my final years I got a new computer using Vista 64. It's not a fire eater but it has NVIDIA GTS 250 and I had great hopes of perfect video. The details look good but the planes are transformers, naked motors pointed up, doors floating over the wings, and the tires stuck through the tail. This is 90% of the planes. I've turned the setting high, low, middle, model doesn't matter. If you can solve my problem and I go before you, I'll put in a good word for you whichever direction I'm sent.

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Something is terribly wrong with your fsx installation. I would reccomend putting in the FSX disks and repairing your sim, if that doesn't work, uninstall and then reinstall.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Be sure they are for FSX not for FS9 (2004).

Give us all your system specs if you can.


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I tried the repair suggestion and I have now seen MS's Promised Land. Order has been restored and it looks like a perfect commercial. I feel so good, I'm putting in a good word for the entire community. Thank you, Frank.

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My install is more than 2 years old now and after a serveral hour session it will "get funny" after going in-and-out of full screen.

Found that going into windowed mode and minimizing, then back to full fixes it.

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