CLS HeavyHaul Airbus Pack (NEED HELP)

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I recently got the CLS Airbus Heavy-haul Package for FSX, and the plane worked and flew very nice until i installed the liveries for it.

I had to install the liveries i wanted manually because the automatic installer would not work. But now when i go to select the Plane to fly it in the aircraft menu, FSX just freezes and then it says Flight Sim X is not responding, so then i have to close FSX. It does this with all the CLS planes.

Anyone know the answer to fixing this? Or know why it does this?

And i have already done CLS's crash fix and all and it didn't do crap for me.


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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Ok i just got that problem fixed but another has arose.
See the right wing and horizontal stabilizer are PURE black.

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