Ariane Designs 737X2 Series (POLL)

Who like's the Ariane 737X2 and who dislikes it.?
Likes it or loves it.
 50%  [ 2 ]
Dislikes it
 50%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 4
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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Ok i tried out the Ariane Designs 737X2 but to tell ya the truth, it kinda sucks, i mean systems and stuff are good but it just looks like crap.
To tell ya what i think, i prefer the default 737 in FSX over the A.D 737.

What do all of you think about that add-on?

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Pro Member Captain
Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

That is because you don't have the McPhat airline expansion packages. Yeah it sucks to have to buy both packages seperately... they cost about 20 bucks a pop. However you get 5 airline liveries I guess you haven't seen the screen shots latey. McPhat now has a US 1 and US 2 expansion package and I think they should be adding a fictional Southwest Airlines livery soon.

Pro Member First Officer
Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Well like, i mean the flightdeck, most of it looks good.
But really there's no comparison to even the default 738 in X.

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