'Mayday' Series

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Hi there,

Has anyone here seen the documentary series called 'Mayday'? I remember seeing the series on TV here approximately a year ago.

Does anyone know if you can buy the series on DVD/VHS?

Jarred. 🙂

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

ive heard of it but I haven`t seen it in foreever

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FlorisGroeneveld Trainee

We have it every week on TV in Holland (Nederland next to Germany)
The progam is Mayday Mayday Investegations to plane craches
they aren't to buy in a shop, since it is not so professionally program. Its professionally with the investegations and reporting whats happend, but not professionally on TV (No commercials, low budget) If you have any questions mail me at floris_groeneveld@hotmail.com

Kes Guest

I was searching for the same thing. I did tape some from TV, but they didn't broadcast all of them (yet), and I missed a one of two episodes too.
I found this thread on IMDB, which shows all episodes:

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jarred_01 Captain

Thanks for the link Kes.
I will keep looking on the net as it was a great series.

Jeter Guest


I was looking for a way to get the series and I came upon this site.
I am in Ontario, Canada, and the Discovery channel plays Mayday a few times a week rotating episodes, with a calendar for future shows. I believe they all loop continuously every so and so. Will start taping them. canonkw@hotmail.com

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