Commercial Checkride work arounds anybody??

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It is commonly understood that the checkrides are dog $#!T because there are so many errors and bugs in them that they are impossible to complete. Maybe the developers were afraid that us simmies would get a big head and think we are experts just because we completed some pathetic checkride - so they made them impossible to complete?? I dunno?
I have completed the Instrument Checkride, but was lucky and patient enough to find some work arounds.

Iv'e got this stupid idea that I want to try the commercial checkride again. Previous attempts got me further than I can get this time and I don't know why? I can't even complete the first segment? The "lovely lady" tells me that I failed to maintain 25 " manifold on climb and then failed to set 2300 RPM on cruise?? and I know full well that I DID those things correctly.
The throttle control on my saitek joystick is a bit "sticky" so that may be a contributer.

Anyone got some advice or hints?

Thanks 😀

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I did most of the lessons, but when I couldn't comlpete one of the checkrides because it started me in the grass off the side of the runway and then yelled at me for going off the runway whether I kept going straight or tried turning to the side to get back on, I decided it probably wasn't worth my time. 😛

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Yes I know the lesson you are refering to. You have to take off on the grass beside the runway, and later when you come around, you have to land on the grass beside runway - otherwise you don't pass the lesson.

Lessons are one thing - checkrides are quite another. Surprised

Just wish the developers had debugged these lessons and checkrides before deploying them.
Can I have my money back?? 😛

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