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i've tried to pass the commercial pilot checkride a several times
but each time i land,the instructor said i was failed because of my altitude,now,i really don't now what i'm doing wrong:
first i fly to 3000 ft (turn left at 1000ft) keep this alt.
then descent to 2100ft,en keep flying it till i am in the glidescope

can someone plz help me,or post flight analysis or something...


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The check rides in FS2004 are full of bugs. You probly didn't do anything wrong. If all you want is the certificate I could make one for you.


a certificate would be nice,but thats not the thing that i'm doing it for,i just wanna now if i'm doing wright,did my altitudes were right?


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You could have been off a 100 feet anywhere in the flight, and she could have said it was wrong. If you think you did something wrong(which you probly didn't) when the flight is over, or right before the flight is over press Alt on the key board, and I think you go to Flights and then Flight Analisis. Look at your flight analisis and see if you see any flaws in your flying, if not, then it was FS, not you.
So, do you want that certifacate? 😂

wb Guest

so he says
"checkride failed"
"you didn't get on altitude,-good job mainaining altitude- etc...."

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Actually, the real world Commercial checkride is no deviation greater than 100 feet from your given altitude. They did the same perameters in the game. The thought is that at the point you are getting your Comm ticket, you will be able to be paid for flying and should have good control of the aircraft in all phases of flight.

For those budding pilots out there, you have that to look forward to. The Commercial check ride was the hardest ride I ever did. Made the Instrument look like kids play.

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Hello i have tried completeing the commercial checkride several times. Each time after i level off at 6,500 ft, she tells me to navigate to Harvey (which is normal) but a second after, she tells me a previous instruction which i have already done. She tells me again to do a gear-down decent to 3,500 ft. As i said, i have done this about 2 instructions before. Is there a way to overcome this problem/ bug, so i can get that licence?
Please help, Thanks.

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Can you help me to complete the commercial jobpilot
checkride in the FS 2004, please?
It always ends at Harvey for me.
The two mistakes I do not understand:
1. You do not put down gear while sinking
2. You do not put pessure to 15 Zoll

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

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😀 Just passed the commercial checkride: " do exactly what the examiner wants." As to the repeat descent to 3500' with gear down: do exactly what she wants while complying with the navigation to Havey. During your repeat performance of flying at 3500' with gear down at 140 kts, when she informs you you'll be landing at Harvey and wants you to do a 200kt descent to 1500', at that moment retract the gear and continue on at 3500'/ 22" 2300rpm until 15 miles from Harvey---- the point where your 200kt descent begins. From there on " do exactly what she wants." 🍻 Good luck!!!!

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thanks for the last post, I'll try that except I already went into the ABL file and deleted the repeat instruction 😞 So while I don't have that anymore, I'm left flying off into the sunset with the instructor apparently absent. So I might have to do a reinstall to get the file back again Crying or Very sad Oh well if there's any way around it please post! thx

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also if you want a certificate just go to your FS files and look in there i did it and said i passed em all before i relly did Muh hahahahaa

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What the bug count for FS2002 check rides?

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The you go WB, 🙂

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This topic is very old [?] Dont Know

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Yea i know just was browsing and came across it had to throw it in 🙂

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