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mako (makonnenl) First Officer

I am having problems reducing the speed of my plane on landing approach. Any hint. Thank you. Embarassed

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RadarMan Chief Captain

What aircraft, how much speed...try more flaps if it's a GA.


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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

First of all, no offensive but do you know how to even fly?

As RadarMan said, what type of aircraft, how much flaps do you have, and what's the weight of your plane. Because the speeds you land at depends on how heavy you are.

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mako (makonnenl) First Officer

sorry for not explaining. I installed a new 747-400 and since then my FSX is acting up and I am trying to avoid re-installing my sim. I never had this prob before.

But I think I can fly 😀

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lionlicker First Officer

When you press [Z] to disengage the autopilot, you ALSO have to disengage the auto-throttle - otherwise it will maintain whatever you've set it.

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mako (makonnenl) First Officer

Thank you lionlicker...it worked. I hope this will help others too.

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