Have Accel Pack, add-ons now crashing simulator

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Since loading the Acceleration Package w/SP2 and FSX Deluxe, with the add-ons, all I seem to be getting is the message that I have encountered a 'Fatal Error' and do I want to send an error report to Microsoft?
What have I done wrong? With the FSX original I did not get nearly the amount of add-on planes that I could use with SP2 but I did not get the 'Fatal Error' message hardly at all, now all I seem to get is the 'Fatal Error' message and not nearly enough flight time as I used to.
Please advise me on the problem I have encountered and the fix.
Thank you ever so much, yours is the most welcoming forum on the web and I would rather head here for answers than any where else.

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The first thing I think of is dust in the computer.
Open it up and clean the fans paying special attention to the heatsink, it can get dust caked up in it.
If you aren't familiar with cleaning ask before you do it.


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