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I have the demo installed and have been playing the demo for a day or two and really love it. I will be purchasing this but before I had some questions for people who have been playing this before.

When you purchase the full version, do YOU make up where your going to depart and arrive at? Or can you select based on your aircraft/rank or whatever? In the demo, if I clicked the start flight with current aircraft load last location or what not, it would not create a flight for me. I would have to manually create a flight plan and then do all the loading the passenger things..I am hoping that on the full version, as you move up in ranks you get to select flights...

Also, in the demo I noticed that you could be anywhere around the air port and you can still load your passengers. Even if you were on the runway. Is that still in the full version? I hope not. I would like it to be more realistic where you have to go to a gate to get them (after you started FS passenger flight).

Hm..What else. Oh ya, cockpit interaction, I thought inside the cockpit the co pilot will be vocal. meaning when taking off and reading instruments and what not..

Lastly, in the demo, I tried the career mode where I had to start low and work my way up in the ranks..How does one work his way up in the ranks? What air craft do you start off with? That hang glider looking one?? I sure hope not! ha.

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

in the demo, you can only takeoff from San Francisco or Oakland or KCCR.
But you can land anywhere in the demo Yes

so the ONLY difference from the demo and the full version is that the demo only allows you to takeoff from San Francisco area!

so i think the full version will basicly be the same except for you can takeoff from any airport!

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Orion (ollyau) First Officer

Woah, really? Those are about all the airports I ever take off from 😛.

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Brett (Brettxw) Trainee

I purchased the full version and def love it! I love having to work up the ranks in order to fly larger air crafts.

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