This aircraft flys with no sound. Can anyone help?

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Hi I just downloaded and installed P-51 Sweet Arlene. The aircraft flys very well, and the graphics are great, but I can't get any sound out of it. The "Read Me" file didn't give instrustions on how to load the sound files, or even that you should load them, but when it didn't work the first time, I went back and I did drop the sound files into FSX sound folder, but It didn't help.

Nice historical Aircraft and really want to fly it. The Sound files do have very good quality, and I can tell that because they will play using Windows media player, but they don't work in FSX. Or at least , I can't get them to work. Agreed, I may be doing something wrong.

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terryleemartin wrote:

...I went back and I did drop the sound files into FSX sound folder, but It didn't help.

Inside the "Sweet Arlene" folder you'll find 4 (four) .zip folders. You have to unzip the "" first, then place the "sound" folder into the "P-51 D Sweet Arlene" folder... this one already contains model- panel- and texture folders. Now that you have added the sound folder, the aircraft is complete.

My advice is you stay away from any file that bears the name "Mark Rooks" in the future. Someone ought to tell that guy that he's causing more harm and confusion than all the bunglers combined that the flightsim community has known.

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u can download a sound pack or use a default plane's sound i think

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I appreciate the help, and the advice very much. Thank you

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