FS9 Wind Sound Configuration HELP!

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Hi all,

I am using FS2004 and have a problem with the wind sound. In the sound.cfg file under the wind sound section I have specified the minimum speed as 300 and the maximum speed as 400 (I assume the mentioned speed is in KTAS). However when running FS the wind sound actually starts at around 225KTAS, I thought the wind sound shouldn't be heard until the aircraft reaches 300KTAS or above as specified in the sound.cfg file.

Also as the aircraft climbs the wind sound seems to drop off (gets quieter and slower playback rate) this usually occurs ar around 37,000ft and above. Is the wind sound supossed to effected by altitude as well?

Am I doing something wrong or is the min/max speed setting for wind sound in the sound.cfg folder measured in something other than Knots?

Any help or suggestions would be great!


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