area 51 galaxy

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I recently purchased the Area 51 C-5 galaxy, pay ware, download.
it is not that good, the outside model is fairly resonable,but the 2-D
panel and VC panel are bad, no radio or nav frequencies, the panels
are verry dark.[£18 odd down the drain]I can not get any response
from my E-Mails,a dissapointing pay ware I'll not use them again!
Regards Kingy.[/quote]

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Who did you buy it from, so we can stay away from that company.

leggo Guest

I have the same problem with NO replies to my e-mails via their site.
I cannot even get the download to work no matter what i try. Waste of £18.
For you loaders out there, the download was from "flyaway simulations"

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