Airports/Places of Interest in FSX

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hamhaw85 Trainee

Hey i'm looking for cool places in fsx to fly in/out of or to fly to. I will list some that i know of but i'm hoping that people will add some of their own. Also i am looking for add-on scenery that you think is worth downloading. *Also i'm still searching for an underground airport/complex for fsx whether it is an add-on or already in FSX*

Some places to fly are:
**By Airport I'd**
(SVAS)- The area around the airport is very deep
(9AK😎- Surrounded by a lot of other airports
(SESM)- To the southeast a river is way too high
(7SP)- water holes that are too close to the airport.
(VVDB)- runway made up of planks. there are tons of them
(KSZP)- Terminal building are dangerously close to the runway. Hard for crosswind landing.

***The following airports have obstacles that are on/too close to the runway/taxi way that make it very hard to land/taxi/takeoff. Good for testing your abilities***


(31D)- Two of the (very) small runways are placed as extensions to the main runway.

****These are just a few interestingly designed airports****
(NRQ)-shaped like this \|/ with a horizontal runway at the bottom.
(YXFV)- Shaped like an octogon

*****Other Places of Interest*****
-(VNJL)- Jumla Airport
-(OAV313)- Panayiotis
-(SYKM)- hole's bottom: -1000091 FT. Top: ~63000FT.
-(SCRM)- very strange airport
-(CYRV)- 1 mile southeast lake at bottom of huge hole
-(NZSP)- Major terrain glitches
-(VNLK)-hard due to altitude
-(WN23)- lighted dirt airstrip
-(SPJN)-(SPYU) bridge into the pacific
-(6AK9)-nearby hole is deep
-(SYKM) The "Finger of God" south of the airport. Measured 50,000 FT high

This is all i am posting for now, i will add more later if people begin to add some of their own. I will add *ALL* of my list if someone finds an underground complex, or can create one.

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

sorry i use FS2004, 😞

In Fs2004 there is a Aircraft Carrier west of San Francisco, In FSX, is it in San Francisco?

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hamhaw85 Trainee

I also have FS9 on my computer and i occasionally use that. I am aware of the Carrier in FS9 but i never checked to see if it is in FSX. I will do that now and get back to you. If you, or anyone else knows of any other carriers in FS9 or FSX please post. I know not too long ago i was just flying around for fun and i just flew out of that Friday Harbor place and i don't know where it was but i flew for a little while and came across a carrier with a hard deck.

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Karlw Captain

Thank you 😀

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hamhaw85 Trainee

I flew at high altitudes at about mach 3 or 4 for about 3 hours. I did not find any carriers or other strange airports. If ANYONE can help me to find an underground complex i will be greatly thankful. Also if anyone wants me to try to find a scenery place for them just post a request here as a reply.

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hamhaw85 Trainee

Does anyone know of any UAV Predator add-ons for fsx that are free?

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

Catalina Island has a airport Yes , just go to avlon airport, thats Catalina island, has a short runway and cliffs off the edge

gangus20 Guest

I found an aircraft carrier near the location of:
N47° 34.91'
W122° 41.54'

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