looking for area 51 ??

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If you have no tried goggle earth.com your missing out. I have just found area 51 and you can zoom down and see planes and cars! Area 51 is difficult to find but you can see all of it. You can even pan down in a 3D format!!

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Jetman 😎

p.s. you will need a very high end PC to use google earth.com. It's memory hungry!!

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You might be interested in this thread in the Scenery Forum.



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chou10030529 Trainee

i have google earth, can u give me de coordineates??? plz

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Groom Lake, center of lake bed. 115š47'30"W 37š16'30"N
Got this one also. Latitude North: Longitude West:
37°14.428' 115°48.528'



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