A source for a freeware Ikarus 42 microlight?

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Ian Macdonald-Munro (Lionman) Trainee

Does anyone know of a download source for a decent freeware or payware simulation or the Comoco Ikarus C42 microlight for FSX?

In case you don't know it by name here is an excellent review of the real aircraft

My local GP owns one, operating it from a nearby grass field. I want him to be able to fly it and give me some instruction too on my FSX rig which has full SAITEK Avionics, Pro Yoke, Throttle quadrants and CH pedals.

Flybuyultralights, former UK distributor of the Ikarus C42 microlight, is re-locating its business to Wolverhampton Airport under the new name: Aerosport Ltd.

IMO it is an ideal candiate for an FSX simulated training aircraft.

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