How can I list all my installed FSX aircraft as a text file?

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What I am really asking is this, is there a utility for interrogating my airplane and rotorcraft directories in FSX and auto-listing all my installed aircraft as a text file? (.doc or .txt)

I ask because I have a 60.3 GB Aircraft directory, including all 152 variants and liveries of the default aircraft plus 2720 aircraft installed altogether, including much of the best freeware and payware available, making it incredibly laborious to do this manually. Yet I want to have an easily updated pocket "Master-List" so that I can check if I have a particular aircraft installed when in conversation with real & virtual pilot friends online or in the pub. I have many retired forces, commercial and PPL pilot friends locally, some with their own aircraft.

My other need for such a list, is to ensure that I re-install the same aircraft after the HD reformat which I am about to perform before installing Windows 7 professional and I suspect that many other sim pilots would find such a utility indispensible.

I have all the TweakFSX utilities plus "Aircrafter" and seem to remember that I was once able to do this but can't remember how, which utility I used or whether it was something I no longer have installed.

Any suggestions chaps?

Can I ask that those who reply to this thread restrict themselves to trying to answer my question and suggesting suitable utilities?


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I cant seem to add the aircraft to my flightsim x, is it because of windows 7 i have i7 Quad core esp for simulations, and also have problems with ohter sofrware just bought one minute it works ans other times it deosan't, never had problems on XP, constantly installing and reinstalling help, it's driving me mad. Crying or Very sad

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I made this batch file to list the car mods I had in Assetto Corsa, It will count them and list them. 
Open text file, copy and paste this  ?  into the text file

for /f %%a in ('dir /b /ad %folder%^|find /c /v "" ') do set count=%%a
echo %count% folder(s^)>> %count%_planes.txt
dir /a:d /b > %count%_planes.txt

and save as List.bat
Put it in the folder you want to get a list for and double click on it.

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