Two sets of controls for FSX?

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My friend and I wanted to try flying together the other day so we connected two yokes and also two sets of pedals. FSX recognizes them fine, but as expected - there is a problem. FSX will only pay attention to one yoke at a time. The "non dominant" yoke is only a little responsive. Is seems like FSX will pay attention to the set of controls that you have been using for the majority of the flight.

Is there a way around this? I figure there has to be since some guys run full cockpit setups with FSX including two sets of controls. Solutions????

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FSUIPC will handle dual yokes/dual rudder pedals, but but there is nothing that will mechanically move the non commanding yoke to follow the first yoke. FSUIPC will implement the control that is deflected the max compared to the other one.

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