Abacus 787 IAS problem

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

I had problems downloading the Abacus 787, but today i got it installed


found a problem:
the speed says 0 always(the plane still can speed up its just the gauge), the speed on the HUD is also 0, all i can do is look at the GPS to see my ground speed, i wasn't flying at bad weather. i press Shift+Z and the speed still ain't showing, i guess the only way to see maybe is to press w 😞

any way to help?????????????????????????????????

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Karlw Captain

Make sure your Pitot heat is on after a second or two your airspeed should kick back in.

Let me know if it works

Best Regards

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

no it didn't work 😞

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Karlw Captain

try reinstalling and restarting the computer. If that does not work do a virus scan

let me know if that works

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